An Unfair World



As graduation approaches on Friday I have been very busy preparing. Della is doing well and is enjoying her daily activities of chasing rabbits birds and squirrels out of our yard. She also loves to cuddle and watch us play games at night.


Death in the family

Wow everyone what a busy holiday season it was and now I have a new IPad to post from. Before I get back to my blog though I do have some funeral things to attend to for my grandmother Della and I are doing well though thank you for reminding me I have not updated in a while and have a good week all!

Merry Christmas!

Della and I have a lot to do the next few days so we hope all of our fans have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will be back with more posts soon but until then God Bless and have a great time with your loved ones. 

Della can’t wait until Christmas

I am trying to wrap Christmas presents and Della took it upon herself to poke her head into the wrapping paper of each one. It’s funny she especially likes the ones that smell good or have food in them. She already opened her gifts though 😛